Weekly Update – 9/22/2017 Sep 22 - TheFeelTrain

Your favorite time of the week has arrived. Another Installation 01 weekly update is here to grace your eyes with all of its wonder. There's even a new song to stimulate your ear-holes. We pride ourselves in bringing you nothing short of the complete experience. Let's get into it.

His Name Is...

Matthew Lake in the flesh will be at EGX, the UK's "biggest game event," from September 21st to the 24th at the Lucid Switchblade booth. Which means you only have a couple of days to meet this living meme in the flesh. In case you need a refresher, he's the mind and the magic behind our cinematic trailer that was released in May.

You might be seeing more of Matthew Lake pretty soon. Stay tuned for that. And also be on the lookout for our good friend, ClassyHam. I have some insider info that he'll be hiding somewhere at EGX. If you find him, he'll actually present you with a copy of Installation 01 on a 3.5" floppy. The validity of this claim is unknown, but it seems pretty legit to me.

Heavy Reyn

It's been a few weeks since someone has snuck into our offices we've brought some new people on board. But with our recent move away from Photon Bolt, we need all the programming prowess we can get. This is where Reyn comes in. Named after the best song in all of Halo, Reyn has years of experience with both Unity and its networking.

Like with all new members of the team, we always ask the most important questions. This is to ensure maximum compatibility and teamwork. Here is an example of the process.

I'll let him introduce himself now.

Reyn: "My name is Reyn, or Mark, if you prefer, and I've been developing with Unity for 4 years now. Although, I've been programming for 10 years now. My most recent project, before/while working on Installation 01 is a very similar project aimed for mobile/mobile VR (facebook.com/iSlayerVR). However, I'm extremely excited to be able to join in making i01, even if it is later in development!"

We're glad to have you on the team, Reyn! Here's a picture of him. I'm also testing this new format (the blur) for vertical images. Tell me what you think about it. Unless you're on mobile, then you probably don't see it. Just like how you don't see that mobile menu that the icon implies exists. Soon™.

This Has a Nice Ring to It

Legendary video game composer Jafet O'Donnell has posted another song from the Installation 01 soundtrack called "Sacred Rings." It's almost as if Dark Souls and Halo made sweet, passionate love and created a beautiful child. What's not to love?

Blame Bean

Look at this dude.

Look at the top of his head.

Look at his lips.

Next time, Bean should actually show up to the meeting.

That's all we have for you this week. A new Team Focus interview with one of our first-person animators, GOUST, might hit your computer screen this upcoming week. Keep your eyes peeled.


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