Bi-Weekly Update – 8/18/2019 Aug 18 - Sev

You know, not all updates carry the same level of importance. Unfortunately, equal update rights have not been established yet, or frankly even considered at all. The important thing to remember here is that they're always entertaining (I hope), if not anything else. My point being although some of these updates may not live up to your expectations, it still required my time and effort to write and whoever's time it took to create what we're showing off.

That being said, this week's update is about a crate… please, before criticizing, think back to that one time about 10 seconds ago when I told you it required someone’s time and effort. It is a really nice looking crate in all honesty and deserves just as much praise as any other asset.

Real quick before we get into the rest, I’d like to remind you that a group from the i01 Team will be attending PAX West! So please come say hi if you’re going, as we do have some special things planned. Now back to your regularly scheduled update.

Social Media

Social Media. It’s a way for people to express themselves, share what they find interesting, and for people to give opinions (sometimes when they shouldn’t) . That’s what we want from you!


First off, our Discord. We use Discord as a way for our development team to regularly communicate with you, and get your feedback. We also have an active community who you can talk all things Installation 01 and more with, and they can even answer some of those burning questions you’ve been holding.

Next, our Twitter and Instagram. We use these platforms to regularly post pictures that haven’t been seen before, as well as ask you guys questions! We are *always* posting polls for you guys to participate in so we can get the fans opinions on what you would like to see in the game etc.

Finally, our YouTube and Twitch. These are not used as much as our other platforms, but when we do have a live stream or post a video you won't want to miss it.

Additionally, if you would like to follow the greater Soon Cinematic Universe, you can follow Soon Studios itself on Twitter and Instagram.


A Beautiful Createtion

Crates are a basic building block of storage society. Everyone has seen a crate before, everyone knows what they do. That's why when you see this crate you should be taken aback, or at least mildly excited on the inside, because it is clearly not just an average crate.

It's a Forerunner crate. Its sleek and modern design makes it a perfect fit for almost any map. This baby can hold all your problems, except your depression...maybe. Because of the funding and focus we put into the outer design we completely forgot about the actual storage abilities, so I don't recommend trying to actually store anything in it. It’s a bit unfortunate considering that’s supposed to be its primary function, but hey at least it looks pretty cool!

In all seriousness, you may look at this and see just a crate, and well that's because that's all it is. However, people often underestimate how much of an impact small assets such as this have on an environment. If you were to play a map without these assets, there would be no atmosphere, no sense of actually being there. Nobody wants to fight on what's just a giant amalgamation of polygons, every map needs at least a little bit of flair. So yes, it is just a crate, that doesn't mean it isn't just as important as any other asset we make. When you see it in game make sure to thank it for being there, and providing that cover you need.

Community Spotlight

One again we’re back with the Community Spotlight this week. All of these pieces come from our Discord’s #art channel, so if you want to see some more check it out for yourself. Thanks to all of you who continually post these pieces, it’s interesting to see the different levels of talent and how you guys progress over time. So keep posting, and that means I can keep sharing some of the ones that catch my eye.

Art by ChickenSir#4346

Art by spartan-0398#2236

Art by SirPepperoni#5966

Art by Angela#2064

Art by Box04Chicken#2342

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

As a development team who are essentially volunteering to create this game, we often have real life things that take precedent. Things like actual jobs, girlfriends/boyfriends/whatever (we’re all inclusive for the most part), family, etc. So while we are always striving to get the game made and playable for you guys, sometimes it can go slower than we would like. That’s why we are always looking to add new talent to our team.

So if you're interested, provided you have the needed skills, please consider joining using that button below.

Join the i01 Team

Blame Bean

Continuing with the chronicles of, our fellow programmer Dave’s poorly made 3d models, this week he made what I presume is supposed to be an apple. I sincerely cannot tell whether this is a step up or step down from the tree he made before. Hey, at least he made something at all. You should admire his persistence to “get better” and keep creating new things. Some of you need to take notes, not about the modeling of course, but about pursuing your goals. Who knows, maybe Dave’s apple will one day help you reach greatness.

Another update wrapped up for you guys. I know this one may have seemed a little smaller than usual, but we have something very exciting on the horizon. Keep your eyes open, your keyboards dusted off, your gamer hands warm, and I'll see you in another 2 weeks.


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