Weekly Update – 7/22/2018 Jul 22 - TheFeelTrain

Another day, another update coming later than the last. A triple dose of videos should make up for it.

This week is jampacked with all kinds of things. We got our Twitter account () back the next day after last week's update. We'd like to think Twitter support read the 1v1 challenge and got so scared they instantly reinstated the account. Thank you to everyone who was there for us during that dark time.

Tosh sat down with our audio engineer George Moreland and created what might be our best Team Focus article to date. It's well worth the read, so go take a look if you missed it.

With that recap out of the way, here is the stuff you keep coming back here for.

International Interns

Our more dedicated followers may have already noticed the string of new faces appearing under the Developers list in our Discord server. An army doesn't just build itself, so we've shifted into maximum overdrive on the recruiting front. These next few weeks we'll be introducing some of the finest additions to the Installation 01 Team collection.


dragonCASTjosh is also known by the name his parents provided for him, Joshua Nuttall. You might recognize the name if you follow our friends over at TimeSplitters: Rewind, a TimeSplitters fan game. Josh is one of the lead programmers on that project, but has decided to come on over to the Halo side. Because of this, we expect nothing less than greatness from Josh. Anything below greatness will result in immediate termination and subsequent banishment back to the world of TimeSplitters.

Joshua Nuttall

Brian Hamlin

Brian Hamlin is yet another programmer. He actually used to be on the i01 Team some years ago. They always come running back to us. He is "good at making menus look and work nice, but not much else." Just ask around and you'll see what that means. But don't let that fool you, it's an important part of the Halo experience, especially after the technical masterpiece displayed in Halo: Reach. We're excited to have Brian on the team to bring our menu to life.

Brian Hamlin

You know what they say-- what one programmer can do in one month, two programmers can do in two months. Give our new blood the warmest of Installation 01 welcomes.

Spartan Fest MX 2018

Spartan Fest MX 2018 was an event that happened. Our main composer, Jafet Meza, had a presentation on Installation 01 there. Now that the dust has settled, we've decided to let you see a couple of videos. First on the playlist is a quick look at how Installation 01 has evolved over the years.

Yes, we started in 2013 (although the team was not formed until 2014). It takes that long to develop a video game. Next up, we have a montage of some more Installation 01 gameplay in 2018. Along with yet another stellar track, our cover of the Halo Theme Mjolnir Mix.

Installation 01 en español

Mememan from the channel LuLYeah on YouTube was cool enough to translate our June Status Report into Spanish for us. You may not be aware, but we actually have a pretty huge Spanish-speaking audience. You never really think about how international passion for the Halo series really is.

Blame Bean

TheChunkierBean is stealing milk

We are getting reports that a man is breaking into people's homes and stealing the milk right out of their refrigerators. The last victim was able to snap a photo before the perpetrator escaped. If you or anyone you know has seen this man, please contact your local Dairy Enforcement Officer. Thank you.

That concludes this week's update. That means it's time to leave you again. I know it's hard to say goodbye, but you can catch another update in a mere 5-7 business days.


Reddit Comments

Foundry confirmed
Wow the sniper has a lot of recoil
heh, if it behaved the way it did on consoles it would be absolutely way too easy to use with a mouse.
I guess that makes sense. It’ll be weird to get used to since all the other Halo games on Pc don’t have much recoil.
Is it me or do all the weapon models look unfinished barring the shotgun and DMR? Like the models don't look right and have something off about them. Something something alpha, but the effort in the AR makes me think they're not temp.
"Don't look right" and "something is off" is the hard hitting laser focused constructive criticism I live for.
It's intentionally vague because I'm not certain I can actually describe what's offputting for me. They're not bad, but whether it's the viewing angle or just how the silhouette contorts to the camera placement, the object gives this distorted impression. Like the AR, it looks like the AR but when using the gun, it feels squished and little details that give it weight feel misplaced. Again, it's not they're bad, otherwise I wouldn't have trouble articulating my issue.
Just ribbin' lad There's a lot of things I'd like to go back and tweak, but we've got so much forward momentum going on right now I'd hate to spoil it by re-doing stuff!
¡Gracias! El reporte en español era justo lo que quería para mostrarle a un amigo el potencial de Installation 01, estoy pendiente cada semana de sus actualizaciones.
From 2013-2018 the AR model had quite the parabolic curve of good looking to bad and back to good. Hope vehicles start being introduced to the maps soon!

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