Weekly Update – 7/21/2017 Jul 21 - TheFeelTrain

This week at Installation 01 we dive into the very team itself.

We're still working hard to bring this game of ours to your computer screen, but here's a weekly update instead. These only come once a week, so you better read it now. You wouldn't want to miss any vital information, would you?

Quick Questions, Quick Answers

We'd like to take this opportunity to answer a few quick questions that seem to get asked pretty frequently. There will be a legitimate FAQ page coming soon™. But until that day, we have this.

When is the release date?

There isn't one. Not even we know when the game will be fully finished.

Can I be a tester?

You don't choose QA, QA chooses you.

When is the alpha?

We hope to have some alpha testing before the end of this year, but absolutely no promises.

Mod support? Custom maps? Forge?

That's three questions. We're not having any official mod or custom map support. Let the ClassyHam explain why. You'll still have an extensive Forge mode, though.

Why is there no spartan customization on the website?

I'm lazy.

Can I sign in with Steam/Xbox/other online service?

As it stands, no. Our accounts are based around Google's sign in. We may look into other services in the future. But it's the present right now.

Twitchy Streamers

Both Greg Wasdyke and Jackskullcrack have streamed their modelling processes on Twitch this week. If you're the kind of person who'd like to know what that looks like, head on over to their Twitch channels. You can see the very birth of Installation 01's assets right before your very eyes. Here's Greg's stream from yesterday where he worked on the sixth version of the Mark VI helmet.

Jack doesn't keep his VODs, so I couldn't embed any video here. You can still follow his channel if you'd like to be notified for his next steam. He's actually streaming as I'm writing this so if you hurry you might be able to catch him. But be careful, he's a slippery one. He's Skullcrack for a reason. Watch your step.


Hardly Working

The weekly update has always answered the question of what we've worked on for Installation 01 over the last seven days. Yet, we've never dared to answer the question, "What do the developers do when they're not developing?" There must be some reason development isn't as fast as I'd like it to be, right? Let's take a moment to explore some of the interesting characters of Installation 01's team.

He Kyxe it up a Notch

You already know, Kyxe is a legendary composer. Or do you? He Kyxe it up a notch yet again with his latest musical experience "The Time Paradox." You can expect Installation 01 to have some (not all, unfortunately) of the epic synth action contained within this very music video.

Feeling Squirrelly

It turns out Isaac W. is now apply his speaking skills elsewhere. Isaac has been brought on by the YouTube channel MouseTrapGenius to start reviewing obscure Amazon products. For all your home and gardening needs, talk to our lead 3D artist. He even cares about the animals, look at him feed the squirrels. A real standup member of not only Installation 01, but of society.

Now we have this GIF of Isaac inserting corn on the Cobby. Dreams do come true.

Jafet Does it Again

Last week, we featured Jafet's composer cut of the Installation 01 trailer. This week, he outdid himself. Jafet has uncovered a piece of the Halo lore that shows us what truly killed Jenkins in Combat Evolved. This shocking new information fills the Jenkins-sized hole in my heart.

Get back to work!

Blame Train

It turns out I got so caught up writing the rest of the update, I forgot to add the Blame Bean section. Church had to remind me to do it. I feel ashamed. You'll have to blame me for this one.

Blame Bean

TheChunkierBean puts his foot down

Bean can't seem to keep his team members on task! Here they are: making epic synth music, feeding squirrels, and creating Halo lore. None of this has anything to do with Installation 01! It's time for Bean to put his foot down and force his volunteers to make this game a masterpiece. There's no time for messing around. This isn't a game, this is real life.

If you've made it this far, congrats. Looks like we're ready to wrap up yet another week. We hope to see you around Discord or Reddit. Come say hello and shake our hands. But please, no creepy stuff. There's only so much antibacterial to go around. Remember to feed the squirrels. We out.


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