Weekly Update – 7/15/2018 Jul 14 - TheFeelTrain

This is your Sunday update. It could have been your Saturday update, but it's not.

Another week (and one day) has passed. While the Beangie Day update was actually on Saturday, we all knew there was no way we'd keep that up. At least we have some interesting things to go over. Like an update to our Privacy Policy. Oooooooooooooo. Very fun stuff.

Twitter? I Barely Know Her!

Installation 01 Twitter Locked

If you haven't noticed, our Twitter account, @Installation01, has disappeared. I, TheFeelTrain, thought it would be a good idea to set July 7th, 2014 as Installation 01's birthday so next year we'd get some balloons for Beangie Day. As soon(tm) as I pressed save changes the account was instantly locked because our age was under 13. It turns out you're supposed to set the birthday to your own personal date of birth, NOT to the date your Halo fan game was started.

Why does Twitter allow you to set yourself as 4 years old? We have no idea. We also don't know why they think a 4 year old would be running a fan game's Twitter account. But here we are. We have already submitted an appeal to Twitter's support and are waiting for them to get back to us.

In the event that we aren't able to recover the account, you can follow @Soon_Studios instead.

Jessica Albatross

In our latest live Q&A, someone asked us if we will have any vehicles that are original or exclusive to Installation 01. The Albatross isn't that, since you can't actually drive it. But hey, it's a vehicle. It would be exclusive if you could. Anyways, here's Amit, also known as adumbass, to talk about this model.

Installation 01 Albatross #1 Installation 01 Albatross #2

Amit: "This is Installation 01's take on the UNSC Albatross modeled by me and textures by another artist, Jibrail. The Albatross a heavy lift drop ship that supposedly carry more vehicles and personnel than a regular old Pelican. They seem big enough to do so according to Halo lore, but the Albatross always looked odd as if it could barely fly. We mostly see them crashed with very little vehicles remaining inside."

Installation 01 Albatross #3 Installation 01 Albatross #4

Amit: "For this model I stuck with the overall base shape we see in Halo 2. I added details inspired by looking at the Sabre, Blur Studios' Pelican, and the H2A Albatross - as well as other UNSC vehicles. I also looked at a lot of sci-fi concept ships and even real life vehicles like the Apache Attack Helicopter. While modeling this I tried to make it look like an actual drop ship. I gave it lights, cameras, a cockpit area as well as smaller things like hooks and doorways. I also received some good help from one of our concept artists (Aviixe) that helped me finish the details."

Installation 01 Albatross #5 Installation 01 Albatross #6

A pretty fine looking vehicle if I do say so myself. Without any discussion amongst any of the other team members, I've named our Albatross Jessica. Thanks Amit for taking the time to talk about her.

Answers to Questions

This is actually from two weeks ago, so you might have already seen it. In case you didn't, here it is. Our 5th live Q&A, this time over some Halo 3: ODST gameplay. The term "gameplay" is used loosely here as watching these two idiots struggle to push buttons on a controller might not quite qualify as gameplay. But hey, it's still entertaining. And we still answered many of your questions.

We've Updated Our Privacy Policy (Seriously)

We're a little late to the party, but to prepare for the upcoming transition from Installation 01 to Soon Studios accounts, we have updated our Privacy Policy. This includes adding all those fancy protections that the GDPR gives you. While we really don't store much personal data (pretty much just your username and email address) we still wanted to do it right.

Be sure to read over the whole thing and make sure you don't see anything nefarious. Or don't, I'm not your mother. But don't come crying to us when we share your username with your friends, family, and employer. You would've seen it coming if you had read the Policy, Mr. "xXx_420_NoSc0pEz_69_xXx".

Terms of Use and Code of Conduct are getting a facelift as well, so you can look forward to that.

Blame Bean

Installation 01 Bean is mourning

Bean is mourning the loss of our Twitter account. As one of the youngest Navy Seals, @Installation01 has over 300 confirmed kills. Press F to pay respects to our fallen comrade.

I think Tosh is supposed to give you guys another Team Focus interview this week. If there is, that should be coming Wednesday. If there isn't, it won't be coming Wednesday. That goes without saying honestly.

I'm also challenging anyone from Twitter support to a 1v1 on Lockout because of the lock-out. If I win we get our account back, if I lose we still get our account back because this should have never happened.


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