Weekly Update – 6/30/2018 Jun 30 - Tosh & TheFeelTrain

Welcome to your regularly scheduled totally not late weekly update, This week we’ll be showing you a more in-depth look at that sweet Designated Marksman Rifle that you may have seen in the background of a couple of videos now, giving you a first look into our updated website, diving into the mind of one of our developers named Kendall and more!

Before we get into it though if you haven’t heard our newest track “Elder’s Legacy” brought to you by the wonderful Camilo and Jafet Meza, then you should absolutely go to Jafet’s personal channel and give it a listen, if you like his work be sure to subscribe!

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

With all of the recent content we’ve shown off such as some gameplay revealed at Comic Fest we’ve become aware that we’ve left you all with more questions than we answered, well, we seek to answer these new questions in our upcoming Q&A stream that will take place on Monday 7/2/18 at 8:00PM Eastern Daylight Time on Twitch.tv/Installation01 and YouTube.com/Installation01 with the power of multi-streaming technology. If you haven’t, be sure to check out the most recent Q&A on our YouTube channel or read the recap to make sure that you’re up to date before the stream!

Designated Marksman Rifle

If you’re a fan of Halo Reach, then I’m sure you have nothing but love for the DMR. Crafted by Joris one of our fantastic 3D Artists here on the Installation 01 Team. The fact that he made this DMR might even make him the best 3D artist we have (besides Greg).

Installation 01 DMR #1

You can see we’ve stayed true to form on this one bringing that beautiful utilitarian look to Installation 01. This model had bountiful baskets of love poured straight into every triangle.

Installation 01 DMR #2

Not a single detail was spared here; we’ve got everything right down to the serial number. If you squint your eyes and look really closely you can even see Marty O'Donnel himself winking. The pinnacle of Halo weaponry from the pinnacle of Halo games.

Surfin' On The Internet

We have a special guest appearance from the guy who normally writes these updates, TheFeelTrain.

TheFeelTrain: "It's been some time since we've done any updates relating to the website. Well, that time span won't get any longer after today. We've been working on something you guys have been asking for since May of 2017. That's right. It's finally coming."

TheFeelTrain: "The ability to sign in with something that isn't a Google account! No more will you have to let Google steal your personal information. Now you can let other companies like us do it."

Soon Studios Sign-In Preview

TheFeelTrain: "It will look something like this. If you thought it was website customization, that sucks. This isn't that. But you will be able to link both your Discord and Xbox Live accounts with Installation 01 (Did someone say synced friends lists?) and we'll be tossing first-party Soon Studios accounts into the mix as well. Expect this to be live before the end of July."

TheFeelTrain: "Oh, and we also have an RSS feed now. We didn't think that people even still used these anymore, and yet somehow three or four people have asked about it now. So here it is. We might flesh it out some more if anyone actually cares about this. If not, this is it. https://installation01.org/updates.xml"

Kendall’s Ramblings

Kendall: "Imagine a beach in the the middle of a lagoon. There are forerunner structures spread throughout the entirety of the water which elegantly reflects the light from the nearby star. Each of these structures offer small insights into a history of what could be rather what would be, however only one structure is on land. It is the beach you are standing on. This is Obelisk."

Kendall: "Sprawling green hills in the distance; the distant mountains seem so close yet so far away. What do these giant dunes contain? Maybe wildlife or other sentient life. The urge to explore overcomes you. The imagery of grass appears as far as the eye can see. However, as you look closer there are small wooden structures built into a far away hill. This hill is just on the outskirts of a forest. You decide to journey there. As you start to near what you decide is a shire, you identify two humanoids, but you can only make out a large pointy hat and much smaller being next to the hat. It seems familiar."

Kendall: "You decide to follow them into this shire. Its an outcrop made of small buildings that appear to only hold people of half a human’s average height. You realize that these humanoids are having a celebration. FIreworks start going off and you slowly start to realize this is the Fellowship of the Ring."

Blame Bean

Installation 01 is a drug

We know the updates have been lacking content lately, but there’s clearly only one reason for this. Our project lead, Bean, has developed a horrible drug addiction to a brand spanking new drug called “Installation 01”. We’re checking him into rehab now, but we’re unsure of when he’ll recover.

1 like = 1 prayer.

This is the end, my only friend, the end.

Oh wow, it’s over, That was quick! It’s been a fantastic week here, and I hope you all have a great weekend and Independence Day if you’re of the American variety. I’ll see you all on Monday to answer questions, and I promise we’ll have a juicier update for you all Soon™ - perhaps a fish-bowl? - as always thank you for checking out the update this week, we wouldn’t be here without you. (By the way, these things are supposed to come out on Saturday right?)

I’ll leave you all with a quote from TheFeelTrain,
"The weak die out and the strong will survive, and will live on forever."

Editor's Note: I've never said that.


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