Weekly Update – 5/12/2017 May 12 - TheFeelTrain

It's that time of the week again. That time when you hear that Discord notification and all your dreams are crushed by the weight of another short update.

Last week’s update was miserably slim, and honestly so is this one. But there is likely some change on the horizon...

Cleanup on Aisle 7

After this week's Technically Correct was drafted, revised, and perfected by Church, I had him fax it over to me ASAP. I setup the printer to make this one extra special. Raised lettering, pale nimbus. It had the most subtle of coloring. Such tasteful thickness. It even had a watermark. Unfortunately, whilst walking next to the fancy office printer I was distracted by the soothing anthem of the late 90s. I tripped, spilling my coffee all over this beautifully crafted section. There were no survivors.

So techincally, there is no Technically Correct this week? That's correct.

It turns out paper doesn't like being engulfed in liquid. Next time, I'll have to be more careful as to where I decide to dump my triple caramel spice latte with extra cream. I'll still find some way to blame Bean for this one.

Video Roundup

In recent weeks we've been starved for some tasty video content. Untamemadman is here to satisfy our grunty thirst with this half hour discussion about the game.

If you enjoy ClassyHam's gameplay with "Sample Footage" slapped on top, you'll enjoy this video. A great point of interest is around the 22 minute mark. Untamemadman and Reachmac touch on spartan customization on the website. All I can say is that it's coming soon™. I'll make you a deal. If you go out and buy yourself a fancy new microphone, we'll release customization. It's all on you now.

Blame Bean

Here at Installation 01 we are fully committed to this project. You'll have to pry us from our computers kicking and screaming before we stop working. Bean might even say we're running at 110%, but then again he's not very good at math. The team, like all men, can only give 100%.

We're not quite ready to reveal what's being worked on behind the scenes. For now all you can do is blame Bean for this week's meager update.

It's time to make updates great again. But until then, stay tuned. Now I have to return some video tapes.


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