Weekly Update – 4/7/2018 Apr 7 - TheFeelTrain

This week we're taking things into our own hands.

Hold on to your data caps because this update is filled with video. We're jumping right into it.

It's Super Effective!

If you haven't noticed, we've been looking for a dedicated effects artist for quite some time. Not one man or woman has stepped up to the plate yet. And so we're doing the only thing we know how: making someone else do it. That someone else is adumbass. Not just any dumbass, our dumbass. Amit Bisember.

We like to start things off with a bang. The plasma grenade explosion can accomplish such a task.

This Covenant carbine trail looks like the effects from Modern Warfare 2. With the remasted version coming out soon, this couldn't be more topical or relevant. Halo 4 tried to bring Call of Duty into Halo. We're going one step farther and infusing it in even the smallest details.

At first a few of us thought this looked totally wrong. The plasma rifle obviously fires from the middle and not from two different places. Turns out Amit was right all along. Halo 3's plasma rifle does just that, alternating between top and bottom. See for yourself.

That's the last time we doubt Amit's faithfulness to the original designs.

Last but not least, we have the always reliable shield-destroying plasma pistol. Charge it up and watch it be way more powerful than a pistol is implied to do.

I Dream of Livestreams

We had yet another livestream where we supplied answers to your questions. In case you missed it, we've conveniently embedded it right here for your viewing pleasure. Follow us on Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer to catch the next one. Be sure to bring your original questions with you. You don't want to be release date guy number two thousand five hundred fifty-two, do you?

Don't stop streaming. Hold on to that feeling.

Blame Bean


A few of you have been wondering what Installation 01's currency will be. Halo Reach went full generic with simple "credits." Well, here at Installation 01 we're much more creative than that. Introducing BeanBux™. For just a single Beanjamin Franklin you can buy a can of beans that has a 50/50 chance to give you either a rare pizza skin for your plasma pistol or a glass of water that kills everyone in the room when your drink it (one time use only).

No, this is definitely not just Bean's face photoshopped onto a 100 dollar bill. Don't be silly.

We now arrive at the saddest part of every week: the end of the update. But don't worry, there will be yet another one in just seven short days. You'll also have another Team Focus article this Wednesday brought to you by Daniel Tosh himself.


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