Weekly Update – 3/24/2017 Mar 24 - TheFeelTrain

Weekly Update, we spent our time polishing up the game for this here Q&A. Check it out.

Too Long Didn't Watch

  • Questions were asked.
  • Questions were answered.

It's almost like you don't know what a Q&A is...

Fake News

We've been showing off Relic these past couple of weeks, but I'm going to have to correct the record on this one. We can't use that name. It's called Obelisk now. Really rolls off the tongue. "Obelisk" means "a stone pillar, typically having a square or rectangular cross section and a pyramidal top, set up as a monument or landmark." Seems legit.

We have taken some creative freedoms on the map and it deviates from Relic quite a bit so it only makes sense that we give it a new name just like we did with Cavity. Unfortunately the name Remnant was taken. Damn. Really wanted that one. We're running out of synonyms for old things. I'm pitching "The Remnant27" to the team. That'll stick.

You can yell at us if you don't like the name Obelisk. To be honest, everyone in the development team still calls it Relic. Gonna take awhile to get used to this.

Launcher? I Barely Know Her!

With the release of the Q&A video, my beautiful baby has made its debut. The launcher does exactly what its own title says: it launches. The game, that is (Sorry, Elon). I think it turned out pretty good.

Right now, it has very basic functionality. It logs you in, checks for updates, and installs them. Easy. However, I'd like to expand the feature set with things like patch notes, different settings, and the much needed feature of download regions since everyone outside the United States isn't have the best of times currently. Rest assured, once it metaphorically hits shelves, you will love the launcher. Especially the music created by the always incredible Jafet Meza.

Blame Bean

The Q&A video could have been better, but we were working right up until the end to get it out. Hopefully next time things can go a little smoother here at Installation 01. Until then, we'll continue to blame Bean for all our problems.

Could you really trust a man who puts his face over the Mark V helmet?

Thanks for reading this week's update. Stay tuned for more like these and more not like these. Really. We've got quite the variety.