Weekly Update – 3/17/2017 Mar 17 - TheFeelTrain

Weekly Update we gave you a little tease of the upcoming Q&A.

We're going to be answering your questions and showing off more gameplay once March 24th rolls around, so make sure you're around to see that. “It's gonna be [really] awesome,” is what the development team has saying. That's not a 100% accurate quote, but we try to keep this blog appropriate for all ages. We'll be showcasing new maps, weapons, armor, and plenty of secret things. All you Halo fans out there should be ready.

Too Long, Didn't Watch

  • You can ask questions on Discord
  • We will answer them on the March 24th

Considering it's only a one minute video, you should probably just watch it. There's a small taste of gameplay in there for you.

See you next Friday when we reveal everything

I Can Haz Recon?

You'll notice that the homepage now features the Road to Recon section at the very top showing off our seven Beanmaster achievements. They could change in the future, but for now they are:

  • Spooky Scary - Discover all of the skulls
  • Slingshot - Uncover the secret of Installation 01
  • I Would Have Been Your Daddy - Create a Bean meme and tweet it to @I01_Game
  • One in the Bag - Get a kill while teabagging an enemy
  • Three Ring Circus - Win 3 Standard games on every map
  • Living on a Prayer - Reach Level 25
  • No True Spartan - Get 117 kills in Standard on the 7th of the month

Our hope is that once the game is ready, these will keep you occupied and will give you a reason to come back and kick ass to earn yourself that sweet, sweet Recon helmet. We would just hand it out for free, but there's no fun in that. We want you to really earn your rewards and feel like you're accomplishing something.

Model Citizens

As of today, we're revealing an entirely new Assault Rifle model. Pretty much everyone hated the old one and thought it was garbage, so this shouldn't be a surprise to anybody. Our new AR is much more in line with the classic Halo style while also bringing something new to the table.

One of my favorite parts of the new AR is the ammo screen, where we've decided to use black on top of blue rather than the standard white on blue we've seen in previous games. It looks like it belongs in Halo, not like some weird creation from the depths of Church's mind.

Another model we're really proud of is our Mark VI armor. It's really a monument to all of our modeling team's skills. As time goes on, we'll be adding more and more of these spicy new armor sets. Coming the 24th with the release of the Q&A, you'll even get to see something we've been keeping under wraps for quite some time that everyone has been asking for.

Blame Bean

There were quite a few delays getting the teaser out, especially with the launcher that I totally didn't cause. The only logical step is to blame Bean. Every single problem is on him. He is our mascot, after all.

We hope you'll be here for the Q&A next week. It will be a huge celebration of the Halo community. I need to dig into my closet to find something fancy to wear.