Weekly Update – 2/3/2018 Feb 3 - TheFeelTrain

Welcome back once again to the tiny trickle of information you've become accustomed to. Those who are searching for the update to end all updates might find that their once-full canteen could have been slowly supped during the long and bleak walk through a desert that now stretches to the blinding horizon.

But do not despair. We're going to drop a few waypoints from time to time to guide you along your journey. Points of interest to hold you over as you place one foot after the other along your march into uncharted lands.

Developer Streams

Not many fans have asked whether or not individual team members can stream themselves working on various Installation 01 assets. But that doesn't stop us from letting you know that it turns out we're allowing it. Complete with their own Discord channel for you to mute when you get tired of being pinged for things that aren't a release date. Here are a few of our team members who could be streaming in the future in a variety of different areas.


You might not know him by name, but you've probably seen his work. This is the set of Mark VI armor he's modeled that caught our eye a few months ago when we recruited him. This intro is just a little bit late.


This image was created by Wangtime using AbiSV's model. We are not actually using this specific model in Installation 01, AbiSV is applying his skills elsewhere.

AbiSV: "I study industrail design, things I like are graphic design, 3d modeling, tequila (not sure if you should put this), rain, help people, memes and being lazy all day. One of my three only friends is a dog..."

We're thinking we made a pretty great decision to bring him onboard.

The Creatures

It wouldn't be a weekly update if we didn't show something off to you, so here's what we got. I don't even quite know what this thing is, but you might see it roaming around and chilling out on one of our many multiplayer maps.

Api's creature thing

This design was created by Api, and they did a fantastic job creating Installation 01's answer to Porgs.

Halo Anniversary

As of February 1st, I, TheFeelTrain, have been working on Installation 01 for one whole year. Time flies when you're having fun. I've seen the game change dramatically over these last few months and I've made tons of friends both in the team and in our amazing community. I'm really glad to be here and hope to be here for more years to come. I'll probably retire in 2552 once Installation 01 is released.

Blame Bean

Young Bean

The nice lady at the library said the archive of Bean's past was incomplete. Someone must have deleted the information to cover their tracks. I wonder who we can blame. This is the only photograph we could manage to dig up.

And with that, we're out. Time to pop the helmet and get out from under this sweaty armor. No worries, we'll return next Saturday, ready to suit up and fill you in on the latest Installation 01 news.


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