Weekly Update – 2/10/2018 Feb 10 - TheFeelTrain

Well it’s Saturday and here we are again, gathered around our collective monitors ready to dive into a heaping dose of information and insights.

I’ll admit right now that this won’t live up to my previous tradition of mega-ton dropping, super-updates. "Mega-tons" are far and few between these days as we find ourselves nestled in the dark shroud of mystery for what’s yet to come. I do have it on good authority though that something is stirring in the darkness.

Point Oh

You may have noticed some random vagrant wandering about in our Discord server and in the Twitch stream chats. That's no vagrant... it's a community manager. Disheveled from years of previous experience being a Bungie mentor and community man for DMH.

Now he's come to rescue me from the hard life out in the fields as a community manager for Installation 01. My prayers have finally been answered. The Cozmo to my DeeJ has arrived.

Tosh: "Uhhh I really don't know what to say about myself ahaha. I'm Daniel Richards I go by Tosh online. I'm from California, currently working on a Bachelor's Degree in Communications. I've been a long time Halo fan and this community is very much so my home here on the Internet, so being able to work on a project that is a love letter to Halo fans is a dream come true and a great honor."

"I really don't know, I'm quite boring when it comes down to it. I just write a lot and work, sometimes those things are one in the same."

You'll get a taste of his writing and interviewing skills in a Team Focus post about our concept artist Aviixe scheduled for this Wednesday. In the meantime, give a warm, Installation 01 community welcome to Tosh.

Ring Ring

We've shown you tons of different models and concept art. But we've never actually showed you what this game is all about. Installation 01 itself.

Ring Ring

This is where you'll be playing your matches.

Round Boi Surface

We even have a full view of the hoola hoop with a transparent background, if you're into that.

Hoola Hoop

This ring was created by none other than lead 3D artist Greg Wasdyke.

Q&A Stream (ft. Dane DeHaan)

Last week we let you guys and gals know we'd like to start streaming. What we didn't anticipate is that we'd already have three streams just in the last week. We also decided we'd just condense all the streams onto the Installation 01 channel so you only need to follow one to stay in the loop.

In case you missed it, here's a three-hour long Q&A stream Bean, Isaac, Greg, and I put on. We answered every single question you asked us. We plan to do another one soon™.

Or, if you don't have three hours to kill you could just watch this highlight. You can't hear me that well, but I was dying of laughter. Expect similar outcomes in future streams.

It is confirmed we will be replacing Greg with Dane DeHaan as the announcer for Installation 01.

Blame Bean

Bean flys like an Eagle to the sea

The Eagles had the most superb owl this year. Bean is pretty stoked that his team was able to deliver such a marvelous bird. And then Elon Musk's boosters scored a touchdown. Everyone's winning.

That's a wrap for this week's update. We'll see you next time.


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