Weekly Update – 12/9/2017 Dec 9 - TheFeelTrain

We've packed up the contents of our weekly updates and shipped them from Friday to Saturday. You'll understand why when we dig into this juicy new update.

We're going to jump straight into it.

Saturday Night's Alright For Posting

I'm going to forcably relocate the weekly updates to Saturdays. Permanently.

Now, I know what you're thinking,

"But TheFeelTrain, when you held that poll the overwhelming majority voted for Fridays!"

Normally I would just formulate some kind of witty response about how I don't care what you voted for, but it turns out the actual numbers say otherwise anyways. Lucky me. As you can see by this giraffe, The People™ actually seem to prefer Saturdays.

That is the most traffic we've had in months by a pretty decent margin. Coincidence? I think not. I'd also like my Fridays to be open again, that'd be nice for a change. So for those two main reasons you're going to see 100% less updates on Fridays and 100% more updates on Saturdays. Who doesn't like the weekend?

Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!

Heavy Machine Gun

Also known as a turret. When a regular assault rifle just isn't enough firepower for your specific needs, there's always this bad boy available. Upgrade to a bullet hose today.

We actually held a vote within the Installation 01 Team on whether we wanted to go with the turret design from Halo 3 or Reach. It was a landslide 18 to 10 vote for the Reach turret. I thought that everyone preferred Halo 3 no matter what, but I was pleasantly surprised at this outcome. However, we just couldn't give up that classic spinning barrel.

We thought, "What if?" and so our 3D artist Joris managed to slam the two designs together and create a beautiful hybrid baby. Our design keeps both the technical intricacies of the Reach turret and the awesome spinny boi from Halo 3. The textures are the icing on the cake. We think he did an awesome job and are proud to call this turret our own.

Blame Bean

We asked Bean to work on his modelling skills, but we didn't realize we had to be specific.

Bean has taken up a career in modelling cheap, homemade costumes. His goal is to become America's next top model. He definitely has the face and the body for it. I just wish he would apply his modelling skills to Installation 01 instead of the world of fashion.

Welcome to the end of the update. This is where we conclude everything and say our goodbyes. I might even tease some kind of reveal that will happen next week.

See you next Friday Saturday. This will take some getting used to.


Reddit Comments

Can you guys do a another gameplay
Soon™ In all seriousness, the main reason you haven't seen any gameplay in a long time is that we completely overhauled our networking and movement. It's taken a few months but everything is a lot smoother and more optimized. Remember our goal is for the game to run on even the lowest hardware, and we didn't realize it would take so much time to tune everything. Hopefully it'll be polished enough to show off pretty soon.
That's truly great news to hear! The part about making sure it can run on slow poopy systems such as my PC. I really think this tad bit of news should be included in next weeks update. I've been following your project for years since I seen a post on yhe gaming section of the bnet forums when all you had was basically wire frame pics to show and even I didn't know this was a goal of your team. Wouldn't hurt to give it a mention, because as I stated mu pc isn't the greatest and honestly didn't think by the time Installation 01 arrives my basic, primitive WIN 7 32bit computer, wouldn't be able to handle this game.
Every update is a great update! Love you guys for the great work you're doing!
Updates on saturdays? WTF Bean
Blame Feel Trian, let us not ever insult our Lord and saviour the chunkier hunkier bean!
What a nice blend of Halo 3 and Reach styles on the Turret. I've missed the spinny barrel. Keep up the good work! Make Halo HALO again
This is too funny and sureal! What I mean is when Reach came out and I grabbed a turret my first thought was " where's the terminator spin?", something I call for the barrel. Anyway I found pics of the halo Reach and 3 turrets and with my awesome MS paint skills (yes even to this day I still use MS paint; RIP paint) to the test and mashed them together. Ofcourse I admit the turret your 3D artist came up with is better then mine, but not by much ;)

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