Weekly Update – 1/13/2018 Jan 14 - TheFeelTrain

When you first saw Installation 01, were you blinded by its majesty?

I sure wasn't, it didn't look that great in the beginning. But we've come a long way, and that's all documented in weekly updates like the one you're reading right now. If you continue to scroll down the page, you'll find even more words to read.

Infectious Flood

A common question we get asked is whether or not we'll have the Infection gametype. And the answer is always the same– of course we will. It wouldn't be Halo without Infection. But will we have a Flood model? This question hasn't been explored until now. Because here's a Flood concept.

This concept was created by RAMIREZOID, who happens to also have an introduction in this update.

Ramirez! Use the Javelin to Stop the Rings From Firing!

Say hello to RAMIREZOID, yet another artist to give their life for the cause. Judging by their previous work, Ramirez specializes in spooky characters. Which happens to be the skillset we need to make the Flood as terrifying as it deserves to be.

RAMIREZOID: "The name's Ramirez, my schtick is characters, monsters, mutations, and voiceover. I'm actually the one who supplied the current vocalizations for the elites."

You can find the rest of RAMIREZOID's portfolio right here.


Why do we need even more artists? Because you can never look at enough pretty pictures. Skaveria takes that one step further by providing us all with 3D models to feat our eyes upon. Like this classic M1911A1, for example. We here at Installation 01 always appreciate things that go pew pew.

Some more of Skaveria's work can be found on their ArtStation.

Blame Bean

Bean made a new friend this week. But we didn't tell him that the voice he was hearing was all in his head. We did a cost-benefit analysis and came to the conclusion it's better to keep Bean distracted than to let him continue "working."

This is the end. Not the comedy movie, the end of this weekly update. I know this one was shorter and later but I already warned you last week I'd be tired after CES. We'll catch you in next week's edition of America's Top Halo Fan Game.


Reddit Comments

Will the flood model retain the characteristics from Halo 3's player models? One of my favorite things about Halo 3's Infection was that it retained the basic mechanics of the game, that namely being that only precision weapons were the only things that could score headshots. I remember having hours of fun setting up maps where you could find plenty of Assault Rifles and Shotties, but it was a big boon to the survivors when they found a magnum or BR, as they wouldn't have to focus so much ammo on one zombie. Though that brings up another question, will there be magazine management in this game? Like when you place a weapon you can decide how many mags it has? I know these are all features that aren't extremely important and I'm far more excited to play my favorite MP game whenever this opens up, but can't help but ask. =P Fantastic work by all!
These are all actually fantastic points, I will make sure to keep it noted during our development.
Very happy too hear that! You guys are doing the (Pre-H4) Forerunner's work!
>America's Top Halo Fan Game didn't know there was any foreign Halo fan games that exceed this one, why not just say it; your number one in the world!
Woo flood mode, wonder if the weapon for the infected model will be a infected looking weapon or just a recoloring of energy sword, or a mix of both.... a attached infected energy blade with red energy would be nice to see EDIT: WAIT! I think i see the blade on it now, was too blinded by the amazing infested look lol
Yup, just found my new wallpaper.
Just a question, will IO1's infection mode feel like Halo 3's? Thought of this the other day, and it brings up some reasons for concern... Halo 3's infection was a bit one-sided; humans were strong, zombies were helpless. H3's zombies were very weak, and it took very little skill to succeed as a human. Same concept with Reach, the scales were not balanced very well at all, resulting in a lack of enjoyment for some players. Do you guys plan on retaining the balance that some of the other Halos had, or do you plan on making your infection mode a bit more like Halo 5's (in one way or another) where both humans and zombies pose a viable threat to each other? Both map design and flood weapon balance would have a large role in this. Thanks for reading!
I mean, it all depended on the settings and map layout. Standard infection always favored the survivors, but I spent far more time in custom games where the zombies actually had an edge on the survivors. I kind of mentioned this in my other comment on this thread, but it had to do with the players having to scrounge for weapons and precision weapons being rare w/ 1 or 2 mags. I remember tweaking it between games to the point the survivors would need to focus fire or use an entire assault/smg mag to take down a zombie. Shotguns could come in handy, but if the zombie hadn't taken much damage beforehand, one blast wouldn't be enough. However, they might find a couple magnums or a BR if they're lucky. Though I'd only put one mag or one spare with the pistols. This caused some zombie players to jump around and spin, as to maybe tank one pistol/BR burst to their backs; which causes that crucial shot/burst to be wasted. I know you're more than likely talking about the playlists, but I personally never played that form of Infection. Was just bad.

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