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"Creating art is like a performance, even if no one's there to watch it." - Jon Burgerman

This week we’re sitting down with LegendaryGamer, one of our 3D Artist here on the Installation 01 team for a quick Q&A to learn a little about him and his work.

Halt! Identify yourself!

I am the LegendaryGamer aka NightDrake, and I’m a 3D Artist.

Ah, so another one of those pesky barrel makers! Joking aside, how long have you been a 3D Artist? And are you Self-taught or formally trained in the Art?

I’ve been learning the trade for about seven years, all self-taught. Has been a long journey here… but I feel its still gonna be a long journey going forward for me.

So you've been doing this for quite awhile now, how long would you say you have wanted to be a 3D Artist?

Kinda after High School, but I’ve always loved the vidyagaems… major convincement to pursue 3D Art were the attempts at VFX and maybe my Multimedia class’s final project which was a film about nothing, but it had a lot of VFX in it...

Well that's a unique start, what would you say is the hardest part of being a 3D Artist? And what similarities does it have with VFX?

Somewhat trying to think of something to make and trying to visualise the result. However, I dread UV Unwrapping to the core, haha. I have a weird way of conception which doesn’t usually require any prior concept art, I wing it most of the time and go straight into modelling. Its been years and years since I’ve done VFX soo I don’t have the facts on the similarities, although I feel they might have a similar workflow to making an art asset. Just different outcome I guess.

It sounds oddly frustrating if I'm honest. For those mad enough to pursue it, What's some advice you could give to those looking to start down the field?

Start with the basics of 3D Modelling first and then work your way up. Love learning new techniques and new technologies… Blender is a great start for anyone looking into 3D Modelling, does not cost a thing and quite decent. Also open yourself up to feedback and criticism, which can help you a lot. I’d also check out the Polycount community as well, they can be very helpful and can mostly point you in the right direction, also check out their wiki as well.

I'm sure I can speak on behalf of aspiring 3D Artist and thank you for that fantastic advice and information! Earlier you mentioned you've been doing this for about seven years now, what made you dedicate your time and skills to help make our barrels this project become a reality?

Haha, I’ve always loved Halo. Also, I’m using this opportunity to expand my skills as a 3D artist. But to be honest, this is actually my second time joining the team, and I feel I’ve been much more productive than the first time I joined back in 2015.

2015 eh? So you're one of the Old Guard now, in your time here you must have a pretty good idea of what the i01 Team is like. Could you describe to us what it's like to work on Installation 01 in one sentence?

A great experience collaborating with great people making a game for the PC.

That's a weird way of saying living hell. Outside of i01, what do you get up to with your free time?

My free time is usually occupied with 3D Modelling, but I like to play the vidyagaems as well. Somewhat have a little time for it soo I don’t go hecking insane, haha.

Everyone needs a break from work no matter how much you love doing it! Well, as always to wrap this thing up, what is your Ultimate Halo Match?

Good old-fashioned Halo 3 Rockets on Valhalla, preferably Split-screen over LAN. But will do both. But still, don’t have an XBL account after all these years. Thanks, Aussie Net.

Well, that wraps up this month, I can’t thank you enough for sitting down with me today Legendary! It was an absolute pleasure as always. If any of you would like to see some of his work you can follow his ArtStation and Twitter or even watch him make Models LIVE on the Installation 01 Twitch channel or his very own.


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