Team Focus – Isaac W. Mar 7 - TheFeelTrain

Q: Who are you and what do you do for Installation 01?

A: Hello! My name is Isaac, and I am a 3D artist. I’ve helped lead art in the past, but I only lead others when I have enough free time. I’m a hobbyist, and I have been modeling in Blender for about 2 years. I mostly work in hard surface modeling (artist lingo for very geometric and precise modeling, like spartan armor and crates), but I have been practicing digital sculpting, which feels a lot more free and exciting than hard surface.

Q: That sounds intense. What made you decide to get into 3D modeling?

A: I started playing with modeling wax and clay when I was 12 years old, and I realized I had an attraction to making 3D art. I also tried to learn to draw and paint during my teens, and realized I couldn’t do it, which left me with 3D art as my main way of expressing myself and my interests.

Q: Seems like you’re pretty passionate about modeling, even though you mentioned it’s only a hobby. Would you consider a career in 3D modeling if given the opportunity? Or do you have other plans?

A: I am interested in medical science, and this project is an amazing chance to learn. I doubt I will ever make a career centered around 3D art, but I think I will eventually use it to communicate my ideas in the professional setting. Being able to show a concept in 3D is lightyears better than a powerpoint presentation.

Q: You’ve really thought about what you want to do and why you want to do it, unlike some people we know *cough*TheChunkierBean*cough*. Could you apply your articulation skills to tell us more about how you got started with Installation 01?

A: Bean made a post on in the summer of 2014, and long story short I was immediately excited by the idea of a Halo fan game on PC and begged Bean to let me on the team haha. I had a near nonexistent portfolio, but after joining the cofounder and lead Church taught me how to use Blender 3D properly. Around the summer of 2015 I really started to model more, and it’s all gone uphill (or maybe downhill…) from there. At this point I am one of the oldest members on the team, but I am always amazed at the effort and time put in by even the newest members on the team.

Q: The Installation 01 team has grown to over 50 people over these last few years. What’s your favorite part about working with this group of washed up Halo oldies and less nostalgia prone nooblets?

A: Ooph so many shenanigans come to mind. The internal jokes and memes really make the team atmosphere fun, but I think the most enjoyable part has been working with such a ridiculously diverse group of people from almost every time zone on the planet, and witnessing how a love for a videogame franchise and game development can make me, a guy who’s only ever left the USA to visit Canada, friends with people from Sweden, the UAE, Australia, and many other countries.

Q: Using only one sentence, tell us what it’s like to work on Installation 01.

A: It feels like the Hobbit, only without Gandalf around, and I’m going out on a limb and making Bean into Bilbo.

Q: Installation 01 has come a long way since the days of Beango Baggins desperately picking up newbie modelers in the Shire. How would an aspiring modeler go about joining the team now?

A: Go to the Jobs page and email us your portfolio along with a few sentences explaining why you want to join. Our standards have definitely gone up since I joined, I recall making some sort of terrible warthog model back when Bean wanted to verify I could do 3D art.