Team Focus – TheChunkierBean Jan 15 - TheFeelTrain

Of all of our Team Focus interviews, this one is by far the worst.

Q: Who are you and what do you do for Installation 01?

I'm TheChunkierBean and I'm the Project Lead/Founder of the Installation 01 project. I manage the team, manage all social media, and edit all videos for the project.

Q: So you're basically just the project mascot?

While it may seem that way, I like to think of myself as the glue that holds the team together.

Q: What made you decide get a team together and build your own Halo game?

Well in all honestly it started with [REDACTED]. I was sitting in high school one day and wondered if anyone ever created their own Halo game by themselves. I stubbled upon [REDACTED] and wanted to join instantly. I went home and downloaded the CryEngine 3 SDK and tried to learn the engine. After failing horrible because of the lack of tutorials for CryEngine, I took it upon myself to do something in the Unity game engine seeing as it had a massive following. Originally, the goal was to recreate the first level of Halo: Combat Evolved and call the game The Pillar of Autumn, however I found making a campaign mission very boring. So I decided to work on multiplayer and rename the game Installation 01. The rest is history.

Q: What makes you any different from other Halo PC projects like Contingency or ElDewrito?

The main goal of Installation 01 is accessibility and flexibility. From the beginning, I never wanted to limit anyone to our game. Having the game be cross-platform and allowing social community features really let's us stand out from the crowd.

Q: In a single sentence, describe what it’s like to work at Installation 01.

It's like being apart of a family, you don't always get along but when you do the magic begins to happen.

Q: How would someone go about joining this flexible team? Are you looking for anything specific?

Atm I'm really looking for passionate 3D artists. While we have a fantastic set of modelers, we are always needing more art finished. Having more artists reduces the amount of work that needs to be finished