June 2018 Status Report Jun 3 - Installation 01 Team

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Incredible as always (especially love the new ODST helmet variant)! On a side note: Has a way of chosing alpha testers already been determined? PS: new gore engine?
It's gonna be amazing.
Do you guys have a news letter I can subscribe to so I know when I can sign up for the closed alpha? I do not want to miss out.
You don't choose closed alpha, Close Alpha chooses you.
Excellent editing work, lads :)
these guys may not be professionals, but this game says otherwise.
Holy shit this is looking really solid.
Asked this on youtube but i'll drop this here - Any plans to improve the ragdolls to be more halo 3-ish? Something I don't like about a lot of modern games is the ragdolls are very flabby and have almost no interaction outside of world surfaces. Halo 3 had excellent ragdoll with stiff joints and different sounds for how hard they fell, and it made killing people a lot of fun. I'm not saying it should copy Halo 3 but it'd be nice if you guys could tweak the ragdolls so they don't fall over as if they suddenly lost their bone structure when they got shot. Having limited joint rotation helps a lot in this regard

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