Soon Studios May 14 - Installation 01 Team

This has been a long time coming.

Many of you have been wondering -- what are we actually called? Installation 01? The Installation 01 Team? Yes and yes. But that’s too easy. We need a name that goes beyond Bean randomly selecting one of the Halo rings as the focus of a video game.

Introducing: Soon Studios.

Soon Studios logo

We actually decided on this name almost a year ago. A few of you already found some references to the name throughout the Installation 01 website. So we’d thought we’d finally come clean. Not only is Soon Studios rather fitting to our current development cycle, it has a nice ring to it. Not has much ring as Installation 01 (literally), but a ring nonetheless.

We have no doubt you’ll get used to it pretty fast. Eventually, or at least the plan is, to release more games under the Soon Studios name in the future after Installation 01 is completed. We’re still working out the legal bits, like operating legitimate fan games and original games under the same studio, but we wanted to bring you on board our journey.

You can check out the brand new Soon Studios website at

We’re not copying Bungie with the .net, we swear. The .com domain was expensive. Maybe we’ll buy it at some point as we work our way towards becoming a legitimate development studio. We also have both Twitter and Facebook locked and loaded.

Thanks for following us for all these years and here’s to many more.

The Installation 01 Team

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