Super Ultra Extended Q&A Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha Mar 29 - TheFeelTrain

The Q&A video on Friday gave you answers to a few questions asked on Discord. There just wasn't enough time to answer them all. This was unfortunate, since you had a lot of great ones. Here are some of those sad, orphan questions in need of a loving home.

Note that these answers are subject to change later down the line in development.

John The Chief: Will there be Rocket Race and Grifball?

We're going to have every classic gametype (Like Infection!), and the ability to create custom variants.

Mezuka: Can I haz recon?


ULTRAMANZX: What will be the system requirements for this game?

As long as you have semi-recent hardware, you should be able to play the game. We can't really give out exact specs. The best advice we could give for now is to test out some other games that run on the Unity engine and use that as sort of an indicator.

Mezuka: Will we have an epic announcer voice? I'm gonna miss my "double kill" and "running riot."

Of course. It wouldn't be a Halo game without it.

DinoFromSpace: How much pizza does your team eat per week compared to Bungie?

Definitely less. It's actually quite disappointing. We rightfully blame Bean.

Mootjuh: Are you gonna go Unity 2017?

Yes, we plan on upgrading. Since we want to use Vulkan, it is pretty much necessary. When we actually do it depends on what Unity's new pricing tiers are.

spscarface: Can 64 people be in a match at once?

Technically, yes. The engine can support it. Whether or not we make a gamemode and maps for it is up in the air. We can't say for sure unless it's been thoroughly tested.

MarsShadow: What are we talking about in terms of connection? P2P or maybe the ability to host a dedicated lobby?

We will have a headless server mode for the game that anyone can run, so it should be pretty easy for anyone to setup dedicated servers.

Classyham: Are there going to be REQ packs for customization?

No. Armor will be earned through linear progression and achievements.

Clayton: FOV options? Console commands for viewmodel/crosshair?

There will be a FOV range in the settings. We will also have a hotkey to toggle visibility on the HUD and crosshair. However, there are no plans to have any kind of console.

UncutFighter: Will there be controller support and if so will it have aim-assist?

Controller support has always been a core element of the Halo experience, so not including it would be criminal. However, we are undecided on aim-assist, as it may be required to even the playing field between mouse and controller users use.

Mezuka: Will there be armor abilities or pick ups?

Rather than the armor abilities seen in Reach and the newer games, we're implementing a more classic powerup structure. Expect something similar to Halo CE's pickups, although newer powerups like speed boost may also make an appearance.

The Slippery Slope: 60hz and ultrawide support?

The game will have an uncapped framerate and support for any resolution or aspect ratio. We hope to provide Vsync at different levels (30, 60, 120, 144, 240, etc.)

the1upDude: Will Installation 01's UI follow any designs from the previous Halo games? (CE's center layout, Halo 2's blue digital background's, or Reach's sexy, organized design)

The goal for our menu UI is to maintain a classic Halo feel, with elements from Halo 3 and Reach, but we had a lot of design decisions and adaptations which needed to be made for it to feel good and work well with a mouse and keyboard, not just a controller.

BlitzOfSBB: I01 is clearly heavily based off Halo 3, will the multiplayers of any other Halo games have any influence on I01?

We aim to build an artistic tribute to Halo that recreates the multiplayer experience of the Bungie-era games.

A Wild Geth: Will the game launch on Windows, Mac, and Linux all at the same time?

Yes. No platform is being prioritized over another.

Post Dicdog: Will we see splitscreen for Installation 01?

While we'd love to have it, there are a lot of technical challenges to overcome in implementation. So it's a hard maybe.

MrClownie: Will the game remain in English, or is there going to be several translations to other languages, such as Spanish, Russian, or even Cantonese?

The game will probably remain in English. We may look into getting translators if there is a huge demand for it, but it doesn't really affect the actual gameplay in any significant way.

JS47Gaming: Is the art style (including armors) more similar to the Bungie Halo games, or the 343 style?

Expect the classic look and feel for the game. We've gone back to Halo's roots in a major way.

Digital Infinity: Will there be some sort of theater mode in Installation 01?

Yes, there will be a theater mode equivalent to those in Halo 3 and Reach.

RemnantDrive: Will you be able to see your legs in first-person?


RemnantDrive: Will mouse acceleration be disabled by default/raw mouse input be enabled by default?

Of course, this is a PC game after all.

RemnantDrive: Will the game have something akin to Halo 3's file share system? How will players distribute map configs and game modes between one another?

We will have a file share on the website similar to that of Halo 3 and Reach. Everyone will have a limited number of slots that they can fill with screenshots, map variants, theater files, gametype variants, and whatever else we want players to be able to share with one another.

Tym17: What tech are you using for network code? Photon, Unity Built-in matchmaking, Custom socket server? Did you write a custom server code in any other tech if its home made ?

We are using Photon Bolt. Gameplay seems pretty responsive as long as you're not in the UK playing with some guy in Australia. When the ping is under around 150, it's smooth as butter.

Halo Spartan128: Can we expect AI's in custom games? So lets say you just want to play around you could spawn a couple of ennemy AI with you?

We don't have any AI in multiplayer at this time, but it could be on the radar in the future. What does the A stand for again?

aLTis: What's Bean's favorite kind of pizza? Does he like pineapple pizza?

That's classified.

Sexyelderado: How many spartan sexes will there be?

There will only be three: Male, Female, and Apache Attack Helicopter.

MagikTako: Will emblems appear on the character model's shoulders like in Halo 2 & 3?

Yes. Expect full emblem customization as well.

Sexyelderado: Will there be blood?

There will be blood, and there has been some light discussion about a gore setting. (Energy swords cut off limbs, grenades turn you into chunky spartan pudding, etc.)

Torpedo23: Will there be dual wielding?

Yes. It's even going to be balanced. We promise.

Halo Spartan128: What is the programming language you are using for the game?

The bulk of the game is written in Mono's implementation of C#, since it allows us to be fully cross-platform.

John The Chief: Will you be able to change the color of your hud?

Yes, with sliders for any color. (16.7 million total colors!)

Woltron X: Promethean weapons?

Promethean weapons may make in appearance in custom games sometime in the future, but not in standard matchmaking. Remember that the Promethean weapons are only variants of the original weapons. Adding more weapons to the game just makes it harder to balance without really adding much value. Bungie touches on this issue themselves in the Halo 3 ViDocs.

Monocat: Will there be some sort of anti-cheat to prevent hackers from ruining the experience?

Yes. We plan to implement whatever anti-cheat measures we can. There will also be a set of host moderation tools.

Telemus: How will you be able to pay for servers?

We do not plan to pay for dedicated servers. Instead, we are providing the community with the tools to run their own by including a headless mode.

Monocat: Will there be a statistics system like what Bungie used to have?

Yes, there will be the complete statistics system available on this here website.

KlauseVonFuquad: Will there be a party system?

Yes, along with friends, clans, and invites.

LazyTurtle: Will different helmets have different HUDs?

There is a different HUD designed for each helment, but you may not be restricted to the HUD of the helmet you are wearing.

Woltron X: Flaming helmet?

You might see some developers with flaming heads. We get to have a little bit of fun too.

LordSandwich: Will there be some form of Firefight?

After we finish up multiplayer, we would like to move on to Firefight. But it's not a focus nor is it guaranteed as of right now.

Hopefully these answers have shed light on some of the most asked questions. We'll do this again later.