Beangie Day 2017 Jul 7 - TheFeelTrain

The 7th day of the 7th month. Happy Beangie Day!

"Really, guys? You hijacked Bungie's holiday and made your own cheap knockoff?"

No! Today is actually TheChunkierBean's birthday which means you'll have to blame his parents for this one. It's almost like they planned this from the beginning. Plus the number seven carries some weight around here, so it's the perfect time to have our own celebration that in no way competes with Bungie. Even this Beangie Day post is entirely original.

Instead of your regularly scheduled weekly update, we're simply here to wish Bean a big ol' happy birthday. He's finally turning 12. It's a big year for all of us. Not much longer until Bean will start his own Minecraft let's play YouTube channel. We can look forward to that.

This day isn't only for us, it's for you too. So we have something for you...


Every celebration needs decorations. Why not use this paper for your wall? It'll really bring the room together. It even comes in 4K. That's one more K than 3K, okay?

4K Desktop


Blame Bean

You can't blame Bean on Beangie Day. Or can you?

We'll have to just blame Bean's parents for this one. They've orchestrated an entire day dedicated to their son. The blame chain goes further up the family tree. We have to go deeper.

Enjoy your wallpaper and have a great Beangie Day. Keep coming back to for all your Installation 01 development updates. Sometimes there's cool stuff in these posts. Other times, not so much. You never really know until you read them.


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